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Concrete Driveway & Walkway Installation – Upper Marlboro

When it comes to driveway and walkway installation, is crucial to hire the right company. Innovative Group LLC specializes in concrete driveway and walkway installation services for commercial and residential properties in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  

For a concrete driveway to a concrete walkway application, we’ve your hardscape needs covered. We’re highly experienced and qualified to efficiently complete any concrete driveway or walkway project within your budget and on time, no matter if it’s small or large we can handle it all.

We’re committed to delivering high-standard results to our clientele.Request a Free Quote Now!

Pros of Concrete Driveway & Walkway

Concrete has been placed as a favored driveway and walkway material, and for good reasons. Here are the pros of using concrete for your new commercial or residential driveway or walkway.


The durability of concrete is one of the main reasons why is often chosen by several homeowners and business owners. It’s a known fact that concrete is durable and strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.

Improve Curb Appeal

Concrete driveway installation is one of the easiest ways to improve the exterior appearance of your home or business. A well-installed concrete driveway and walkway can dramatically improve the aesthetics and overall value of your property.


If you’re looking for a hardscape material easy to maintain, then concrete is the best option. One of the best benefits of concrete driveways and walkways is the little maintenance and care routine that will need over time. Keeping your driveway looking at its best has never been easier.


When you want to achieve a specific décor in the exterior of your house or commercial premises, with concrete driveways and walkways you’re not limited to a flat finish. Concrete can be painted and textured in any specific design you may want.

Get all these amazing benefits by installing a concrete driveway and walkway. Rely On Innovative Group LLC for Your Next Hardscape Project! Call us Today!

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