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Fully Licensed & Insured Landscaping Services

Are you looking for reliable landscaping services for your home or office? We are the best in the Upper Marlboro, Maryland area. At Innovative Group, we offer a wide variety of landscaping, hardscaping, and lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial customers.

You need to be confident that you are hiring someone experienced and professional to get outstanding landscaping results at the best prices with the highest quality, that’s why we are a certified landscaping contractor proudly serving the entire Upper Marlboro, Maryland since 2004.

We make sure your landscape receives what it deserves, proper care and maintenance services for each type of landscape, whether is large or small we love taking care of your landscape.

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Increase Your Landscape Beauty and Functionality

Landscape maintenance is a time-consuming task, but by hiring the professional landscapers at Innovative Group you can enjoy your free time and relax after a long day at work instead of worrying about what needs to be done in your outdoor space.

Nothing makes your outdoor space warmer and more inviting than a well-manicured yard. Our expert landscapers have the knowledge and expertise to make your yard look it’s very best every single day. Innovative Group landscaping services let you make your outdoor space a more useful part of your house or office.

We are committed to creating your dream outdoor space where you can entertain and feel comfortable spending quality time in with family and friends. Our landscapers will provide you unique landscaping design options that go with the theme of your home or business, creating a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests.

If you keep a well-maintained landscape you can plan garden parties anytime you want without having to worry about the garden appearance. 

Main Landscaping Services Provided by Innovative Group

Landscaping design and installation, garden maintenance, lawn care, and irrigation, concrete hardscaping, outdoor lighting and snow removal are some of the main services provided by Innovative Group, whether you need some of these services our expert landscapers can help. 

Mulch Installation: If you are looking for a healthier landscape, mulch can help. Mulching besides enhancing the garden appearance, mulch also provides a wide range of benefits for the garden soil such as improving the soil moisture retaining ability, it also improves the soil nutrients health.

Lawn Mowing: mowing is one of the most important things homeowners do in your lawn, that’s why you need to take this task seriously because of the many benefits your lawn can receive from this. Mowing eliminates any pest, debris, and weeds from the grass, so mowing keeps your lawn healthy.

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Lawn Edging: edging besides being a finishing touch for your lawn, it provides a barrier for plant roots, preventing flowering plants growing into the lawn and at the same time enhances the overall design by defining different areas of the garden. You will get a healthier and good-looking lawn after the mowing services provided by Innovative Group.  

Nothing better than have a natural and healthy space where you can spend most of your free time, by hiring our professional landscaping services you would make of your outdoor space the most used part of your house. Call us to get more information about our complete landscaping services for residential and commercial properties. 

Landscaping Maintenance Services

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Or call us for any emergency in residential or commercial 24/7 services.

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