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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

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Tree Trimming & Pruning Services – Upper Marlboro

Tree trimming and pruning are vital procedures that need to be routinely done in order to promote the healthy growth of your trees and shrubs. To have a beautiful landscape with beautifully shaped trees you must provide professional care. You need the right equipment and skills to properly maintain your trees and shrubs without permanently damaging them.

Find unmatched tree trimming and pruning services with Innovative Group LLC. For over 15 years, we’ve been providing trustworthy landscaping solutions to commercial and residential clients in Upper Marlboro. With our experience, you can have peace of mind knowing your trees and shrubs will be properly trimmed and pruned to ensure they’re healthy and strong.

Tree Trimming

Trimming and pruning are super similar procedures but they’re also meant for different purposes. For starters, tree trimming is essentially done to shrubs and hedges. The main purpose of tree trimming is to ensure the healthy growth of your hedge or shrub. By trimming overgrown branches, you allow the shrub to receive enough light and moisture all the way to the root. Tree trimming is recommended twice a year

While it may seem that trimming your trees is pretty straightforward, you can actually negatively impact the lifespan of your trees and you can even damage it if you don’t do it properly.



Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is meant for trees and shrubs. Its main purpose is to remove infected, loose or dead branches that stop your tree or shrub from flourishing. Furthermore, you may prune your tree to achieve a particular shape. With regular pruning, you decrease the risk of falling branches while also providing your landscape with an aesthetic, manicured look. Tree pruning is usually done once a year, but this greatly depends on the species of your tree.

Trees that are taller can be dangerous to prune if you don’t have the experience and tools. Avoid over-pruning your trees and get in contact with Innovative Group LLC, to have beautiful and healthy trees, shrubs, and hedges.


Or call us for any emergency in residential or commercial 24/7 services.

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